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Round Neon Green Tourmaline & Diamond Ring


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This Green Tourmaline is one of the nicest we have seen. No, it is not Paraiba type, but it has that inner glow and hint of dichroism (mix of blue and green) that makes it glow. We had this cut from the rough and the lapidary chose the round cut since he knew that it would bring out these features. To magnify these exceptional qualities, the round cut was performed in the Portuguese style which uses over 100 kite shaped facets on the pavilion to make the gem come alive. Like most Tourmalines, this has a few inclusions, but they are hidden in the cutting and the amazing green color takes center stage (in fact, several viewers have mistaken this for a Tsavorite!). We set this in a mid century inspired mounting that uses marquise and round Diamonds to flank the center gem. These tapered accents draw the eye inward, but are nicely graduated such that the larger size of the center gem seems appropriate. It is finished with double claw prongs that hold the stone securely such that it could be an everyday piece.

Details: 14k white gold ring set with 2.20ct round green Tourmaline (8.3mm, untreated) and .48ctw round and marquise Diamond accents (SI GH).

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