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Modern 14k Yellow Gold Pendant with Golden Brown Andalusite


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This fun gold slide pendant is set with an Andalusite and Diamonds. This rare gem features strong pleochroism, so it appears different colors from different angles and as it is worn. This pear shaped gem takes on a golden brown and orange hue, both of which are balanced by the gold setting. The oversized bail, studded with Diamonds, is perfect for a large gold chain. Andalusite was named for its first source in Andalusia, Spain but this gem was mined in Brazil, where most fine material is mined these days. If you are looking for a rare gem to add to the collection, or a gem in the earthy fall tones, this one may be a perfect fit!

Details: estate custom 14k yellow gold pendant set with .75ct pear shape Andalusite (untreated, Brazil) and .08ct Diamond accents.

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