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Pieces from the early 1920’s are some of my favorites, since they combine the organic materials and flowing lines of their Nouveau forebears with the intricate Art Deco filigree and symmetry. This pendant is a perfect example of the organic look (pearls and opal) meeting the glam diamond and filigree work of the Deoc era. When we purchased this piece it was a brooch whose clasp was damaged. Instead of repairing the mechanism we chose to convert it to a necklace that can be worn up and down (shown here) or east-west, and since it is a sizable item is makes quite a statement! The center opal is really the star here- it has a wonderful green and red play of color that catches the eye from every angle. 

Details: 900 Iridium Platinum pendant with 2.98ct Australian White Opal with Seed Pearls and .60ctw European and Rose Cut Diamond accents, circa 1920. The pendant measures just over 2 inches long. 

This unique item is for sale. Please contact us for pricing and availability. 

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Art Deco 1920-1940





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