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Fine natural Alexandrite engagement rings have been rising in popularity, since they are truly unique. Few women have a stone so beautiful and so rare on their finger! We designed this white gold engagement ring around the center Alexandrite. It features an oval halo of Diamonds, with a delicate split shank, also Diamond encrusted. The high points of white gold are milgrained, as well as the vintage-style filigree in the side gallery. Set low in the center is an oval natural Alexandrite of fine quality. In daylight or LED, the gem appears a gorgeous teal-green. Under incandescent light, the gem changed to a warm raspberry red hue- photos cannot capture the depth of color change on the red side of the spectrum – see last two images. This Alexandrite is quite clean, with only one minor inclusion which is mostly hidden and not impacting the durability of the gem. It was sourced from an old collection, as such we do not know origin on it- we think it most likely Brazilian but it could be an exceptional Indian stone. This Alexandrite ring offers the ideal size, in which the Alexandrite is large enough to have great color and sparkle, but still under 1ct in size to keep the price reasonable. Despite the price tag, this represents a great value for the lucky lady who gets it! Free sizing to any needed size.

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