Amazing Freeform Ethiopian Opal Nugget Pendant


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Ethiopian Opals occur in nuggets, almost like Oregon Thunder Egg geodes, which are unlike the thin veins of Australian Opal. The thickness of these Opal nuggets allow us to find large, solid pieces of Opal unlike gems from any other source. In some cases, these Opals are translucent all the way through and contain a patchwork of holographic color. In this case, the lapidary cut away the rough, leaving behind a rhombus-shaped freeform Opal briolette bead which we simply drilled and suspended from a white gold bail. We wanted to keep the attention on the fabulous Opal. Feel free to contact us for a video of this amazing gem- it truly has to be seen in person to see the intensity of color and how the colors move- its amazing, and almost 1 1/2 inches long to boot!

*Note- Ethiopian Opals are the Opal find of the century, and are more durable and scratch resistant than other Opals. However, they need special care, in that they don’t like to get wet. We monitor each opal before sale to make sure that they are dry and color stable. Please avoid showering with your pendant on, and avoid contaminating it with cosmetics. Water damage or Opal color change is not covered under our warranty- we encourage our clients to insure their pieces against this unlikely damage.*

Details: 14k white gold Opal bead pendant set with 11.34ct Freeform Ethiopian Crystal Opal.

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