One of the hottest jewelry trends of 2014-15 has been the comeback of rose gold. From chunky fashion necklaces and watches that are plated in a coppery-pink metal, to actual rose gold earrings and pendants, rose gold is now working its way into engagement rings and anniversary bands.

So what is rose gold anyway? Rose gold is a unique alloy of gold where the pure gold is mixed with a copper compound. This results in a rosey-pink hue to the gold, in varying degrees depending on the purity (14k, 18k etc). It has its origin in Eastern Europe and Russia, where in the 19th century the master goldsmiths preferred to work with it because it was easier to carve and had such beautiful color. For years it disappeared from mainstream jewelry because the modern goldsmiths were not as comfortable working with it.

That being said, at Federal Way Custom Jewelers we have never stopped working with rose gold. Over the years we would use the metal whenever it was the final touch of color to finish off a piece, or when a client asked for it specifically. Now fashion is dictating the use of the metal more, and we are enjoying all of the new design opportunities rose gold brings.

Below is the latest engagement ring we completed using rose gold. The center 2.01ct GIA certified G color SI1 clarity diamond is set in a white gold bezel which securely holds the stone while providing a neutral background for the diamond. The swooping outer band is rose gold, providing both nice contrast to the white metal but also adding warmth to the otherwise colorless modern design. This one is a showstopper of rose gold elegance and diamond sparkle!