The Edwardian era welcomed changes in fashion and technology that forever changed the jewelry world. The passing of Queen Victoria in 1901, still in mourning over Prince Albert, finally allowed society to cast off its years or mourning clothes. Out went the depressing black dresses, corsets and high necklines and in came lower necklines on flowing and lacy dresses, colorful hats and coats with whimsical accessories. As necklines lowered there was less room to wear brooches, giving elegant necklaces and large pendants center stage. Concurrently, technological innovations like the oxyacetline torch allowed jewelers to work with platinum, and we began to see intricate pieces and white metal more frequently. Mechanized diamond cutting hearkened the end of cushion shaped mine-cut diamonds which were replaced with round European cut brilliants for maximum sparkle.

This large diamond cross pendant (over 2 inches long) perfectly echoes these trends. The pendant is made in 14k yellow gold which has been topped with platinum- a style primarily used prior to 1903, and is the main way we can date it to the early Edwardian era. It is centrally set with a .25ct round European cut diamond, showing the modern cutting style that was so en vogue, but all throughout the filigree work the cross is set with older rose cut diamonds, showing that this piece was made at a time of transition in the jewelry world. We particularly love the pierced openwork, or filigree style, which allows light to pass through the carving work. This was a design that was made to reflect the lacy and ornate dresses and scarves of the time. We can see this pendant worn with the deep v-neckline of a formal dress but it would look equally cool on a long chain suspended over a sweater or jacket.
We are asking $1750 for this amazing cross, please contact us for details!