Gemstone Inclusions

Gemstone Inclusions: What Are They? Inclusions within a gemstone are generally known as imperfections such as shards, or slithers, or pieces, of another mineral that is trapped inside the main stone as it is being formed – perhaps being left behind during the...

Moissanite Engagement Rings Oval Rose Gold

Moissanite Engagement Rings – Oval & Rose Gold: Moissanite is fast becoming a popular alternative to diamonds when selecting a gemstone for your engagement ring. Why is this? Well, moissanite is almost identical to a diamond when you look at it. However, it...

Amethyst Engagement Rings Purple Engagement Rings

Amethyst Engagement Rings: One of the most popular colors of all the gemstones is the purple of the Amethyst. It is a gorgeous deep purple and favored by many of today’s lady buyers. It can be a standout solitaire style ring or a very attractive three-stone ring...

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